Why we're no longer on UberEats

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Exhibit A: a picture of someone's pizza that UberEats had dropped

In 2018, I decided to join the UberEats platform, I acknowledged and accepted that their commission was 30%. Between Skip the Dishes and UberEats, UberEats is a much smoother operation and they had more market share. Things were going well and I hardly had any complaints on my end, however there were a growing number of complaints coming from their customers. I was being made aware of pizzas getting dropped or missing items or the entire order had not arrived yet, it was pretty outrageous at times.

I'll say this now, its an unpopular opinion but I had no gripes with their fees, if I did, I wouldn't have signed on. It was the price I was willing to pay to have access to their customers!

My gripes are with their lack of service. They send these "pickup partners" who have no regard for the food they carry. At times, I've wondered if they have any idea what food safety standards are. During the pandemic, we've had to limit one person in our store at a time to ensure that people had enough distance from each other. However, there have been countless times where UberEats partners would barge in and we would have to ask them to wait outside or make them acknowledge the lineup of people waiting ahead of them. Sometimes the partner would politely wait their turn, but there have been MANY times where they would show disdain or give us attitude about waiting. Once I had someone completely cancel the pickup resulting in the customer not receiving their order at all.

To quickly summarize, UberEats had dropped countless pizzas thus not ensuring quality of food upon arrival and ultimately hurting our brand, they have also shown disregard for COVID guidelines as well as given us a ton of attitude for enforcing them.

The last straw for me was: one night a partner showed up to pick up 4 party sized pizzas and 50 wings, as well as a loaf of garlic bread. I asked if he was on a bicycle, he said yes, I advised him that it wouldn't be a good idea to take the order because it was heavy to carry by hand and other obvious reasons. I also didn't want to potentially remake the entire order on a Friday night. He left but I remembered his name because it was Vietnamese. A few days later, he left a one-star review on google business page. I was LIVID! I switched my store off of the UberEats platform and tried to email support to see if they can reprimand him. Nothing was ever done.

After 3 months, I had finally cooled off enough to respond to his google review where I called him out for not actually being a customer and then explaining why we had ended our UberEats partnership because of HIS actions and I've made UberEats aware of what he did. He's since removed his review but the damage is done and I'll never ever sign up to have my pizzas delivered by untrained people. I never knew carrying a pizza required smarts, or maybe I've just had the privilege of eating a lot of pizza throughout my life…

This is the article I participated in with the CBC. It's about a website called "not-ubereats" that my business was listed on. We talked about the fees that restaurants have to pay as well as the cap the government had planned to cap at 20%, a 10% reduction from the average commission fee charged by these third party companies. The website does list a lot of businesses that offer delivery service in your area.